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Sparkling Immunity Juice

Sparkling Immunity Juice
With all the germs going around, this recipe is a a great way to boost your immune system during these trying times.
Made with Edward & Sons Organic Culinary Ginger Juice and Turmeric Juice by @darngoodveggies
Made with sweet fresh squeezed orange juice mixed with ginger, turmeric, and a dash of honey.

Topped with sparkling water for a deliciously bubbly way to ward off the seasons germs.
Sparkling Immunity Juice⁠⠀
Serves: 2⁠⠀
  1. Add the orange, ginger, and turmeric juice to a blender along with the honey. Blend until well combined. (If you are using maple, you can stir everything together instead of blending.)⁠
  2. Pour into two glasses, top with sparkling water and enjoy!

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